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Whether you're considering a full degree at Hebrew University, or a year abroad during your British university degree, we have options for you.

Up-to-date information on all the courses is available on the website of the Rothberg International School at the University.

One Year/One Semester Programme

Imagine studying the archaeology of Jerusalem while walking the streets of the city, examining its ancient walls, seeing its historic buildings...

Think about taking a course on prospects for peace in the Middle East in light of the current events unfolding daily in Israel...

What could be more appropriate than studying the Hebrew language in the land of its birth?

One Year/Semester Program (OYP) students benefit from a diversified academic experience while earning credits that may be transferred to their home university. A wide variety of courses, offered mainly in English, may provide credit in such areas as archaeology, business, history, literature, philosophy, religion, communications, international relations, political science, psychology, sociology and science. Check out the updated course list, which has full descriptions.

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British University Students: sandwich years, intercalated years or years abroad

The British Friends of the Hebrew University are currently negotiating with the faculties of various UK universities to gain accreditation and recognition for Hebrew University undergraduate courses.
Although the Hebrew University is not part of the Erasmus scheme, a number of faculties at UK universities encourage students to spend time at the Hebrew University. If you are a current student at University College London (UCL), School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), Cambridge University, Manchester University, Oxford University, or Essex University, contact your tutor or study abroad office to find out about the opportunities available.
Call or email Gill on 020 83495757 or students@bfhu.org with any questions, or when you're thinking about enrolling, and we will give you information on how to apply. See our Scholarships pages for information on how to apply for financial assistance.

Preparatory Program

The Preparatory Program - Mechina provides an introduction to academic studies and language instruction to recent high school graduates who plan to continue their undergraduate studies in Israel.
You study on one of three 'trends': Maths and Sciences or Humanities and Social Sciences.
You can find some information about campus housing on the University website, as well as an off-campus flatshare noticeboard. We will help you with housing in the dormitories, and can also help to put you in touch with recognised flatshare and letting agents around Jerusalem.
If you'd like more information on any of the full-time study courses, on the practicalities of studying in Jerusalem, or want to enrol, call Gill on 020 8349 5757 or email students@bfhu.org

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