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Einstein's Legacy to the Hebrew University

Albert Einstein was undoubtedly one of the most prominent and influential figures of the modern era and recently chosen by TIME Magazine as “Person of the Century”. Einstein was also one of the founders of the Hebrew University. His unique relationship to the Hebrew University found a lasting expression in the bequest of his literary estate and personal papers to the institution in his Last Will of 1950. The Jewish National & University Library has been the proud custodian of the Albert Einstein Archives since 1982.

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This unique cultural asset contains the largest collection of original Einstein manuscripts in the world. It includes Einstein’s vast correspondence with the most influential physicists and intellectuals of the twentieth century. The Einstein Archives reflects the multifaceted aspects of Albert Einstein’s scientific work, political activities and private life. It provides us with a kaleidoscope through which to perceive this great scientist, humanists and Jew. The bequest of his personal archives was Albert Einstein’s most lasting legacy to the Hebrew University. This legacy is both material and spiritual in nature. As heirs to that legacy, the University is committed to preserving the archival material, enhancing its accessibility and increasing the public awareness of the scientific and political activities and the moral and humane values of Albert Einstein.

Einstein Archives Online Website
The Hebrew University partners with other leading institutions in bringing Einstein's genius to the academic community and the general public. A partnership with Princeton University Press and Caltech has resulted in the publishing of a scientific edition of "The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein."

Another cooperative effort between the Albert Einstein Archives and the Einstein Papers Project at Caltech produced the Einstein Archives Online website which facilitates searches of more than 40,000 records of Einstein" and Einstein-related documents.

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