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BFHU event in Glasgow (About our past events)
BFHU Cocktail Party at The King David Hotel, Jerusalem - June 2014 (About our past events)
Board of Governors 2014 (About our past events)
BFHU products for sale (About us)
Batsheva Dance Company in London (Alumni e-Newsletter)
BFHU's FUTURE 2012/2013 (BFHU's FUTURE Magazines)
BFHU'S FUTURE 2016/17 (BFHU's FUTURE Magazines)
BFHU's FUTURE 2014/2015 (BFHU's FUTURE Magazines)
BFHU's FUTURE 2015/2016 (BFHU's FUTURE Magazines)
BFHU's FUTURE 2013/2014 (BFHU's FUTURE Magazines)
Board of Governors 2009 (Board of Governors 2009)
BOG 2009 flyer (Board of Governors 2009)
British philanthropist Trevor Pears receives honorary doctorate from Hebrew U. (Board of Governors 2011)
Board of Governors Mission, Berlin and Jerusalem (Celebrating Israel's 60th)
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BFHU'S FUTURE 2016/17 (News)
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Benefit the World Dinner 2007 (Photo Gallery)
BFHU Gala Dinner 2015 (Photo Gallery)
Board of Governors 2006 (Photo Gallery)
Baroness Scotland Presents the Annual Lionel Cohen Lecture in Jerusalem and Visits the CLECs (Photo Gallery)
British Friends of the Hebrew University in Paris (Photo Gallery)
BOG 2009 flyer (Registration & Information)
Boycott Material Downloads (Stop the Boycott)
BFHU Bespoke Greetings Cards (Support us)
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